National Sewing Machine Day

Thursday 13th June was a double celebration at reMADE DXB.Image

We celebrated National Sewing Machine Day (we’re not sure which nation but whichever one…we are honorary citizens) and Happy 100 Days to us! We opened our doors on 1 March 2013. We had a little celebration to say “Thanks SEW much” to all our who have dropped by, shared tea and cake and taken classes at The Sewing Parlour.

We had a ‘lucky dip’ bran tub.  The only thing is that it would appear than no one outside of the UK knows what a bran tub is.  Never mind though – everyone got into the spirit of it all and pulled out a prize!ImageImage


Ironing Board Covers

Theresa and I were recently bemoaning the fact that most ironing board covers available to us in Dubai are dull, dull and duller.


An ironing board is necessary part of our household kit.

Especially if you sew

But they are pretty boring and not usually very attractive.

I dislike the quality and feel of most commercially available ironing board covers. I’m not that keen on most of the patterns available either.

With very little effort, however, making your own is very easy.

Using the old cover as a template, simply measure out your fabric.

Don’t forget to add for your hem (about 2.5cm) which needs to be doubled over and stitched with a double row of top stitch about 1cm away from the edge to make it strong when you tighten  to fit but also to allow your cord to be fed through,

If you are lucky like I was with my £5 board from the closing down sale at woolies (thanks mum!) it has a cunning little piece of plastic to help…

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